Natchitoches Parish, LA

I went up to Natchitoches the Saturday after Thanksgiving to go to a local crafts show at the events center. I didn’t find anything I really felt the desire to spend money on–for some reason, it seemed like half the vendors were selling handmade bath bombs, which is… kind of a dated trend?–but I don’t count it as a wasted trip, as there were some things in the parish I’ve been wanting to photograph. (I’ve already photographed the town). As always, these are cell phone shots and film shots will follow when I finish shooting the roll and get them developed.

Slave cabins at Magnolia Plantation:

Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation

St. Augustine, which was built by free black planters who sat in the front pews ahead of white parishioners (decades before the Civil War):

St. Augustine

Bay Springs Cemetery, which had another grave house:

Bay Springs Cemetery

Bay Springs Cemetery

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