Midori Traveler’s Notebook (Part 2)

So a while back I wrote about this planner/journal system and how my introduction to it was a cheap knock-off from Michael’s. Yeah, I went a little bonkers with that. A couple of weeks later I decided to upgrade a bit to a fabric cover that I bought on Etsy, then I discovered that a lot of people make covers in Fields Notes size (I am already a committed Field Notes junkie), then I started adding charms and folders and bookmarks and more inserts… long story short, I am now the owner of 5 TNs total: one standard size, one passport, and three FN-size. I use them all, although of course I don’t carry them all around with me. I’d have to be She-Hulk to manage that.

Last week I saw a post in a Facebook group for buying/selling TN gear where someone was selling a TN brand Airport Edition, the cover that is only sold at the Traveler’s Factory stores in Japanese airports (as far as I know, just Narita and Tokyo). Apparently I thought WELP I GUESS I HAVEN’T BLOWN ENOUGH MONEY ON THIS HOBBY YET, because I wound up buying it, although I did get her to knock $20 off her asking price and include the shipping. BEHOLD:


The charm is a hamsa, that I added myself.


It came with this insert. The other is my lightweight paper insert; I’ve taken to covering the boring covers with craft paper.


More covered inserts.


I found these vintage camera magnet bookmarks at Barnes and Noble and of course as soon as I did there was a 100% chance they were coming home with me.


I use the weekly planner to keep notes about photo shoots: what/where/when, weather/light conditions, films/cameras used, etc.


The kraft paper insert with some stuff from my recent Virginia trip.


The folder (from Analog Stationers) holds tourism brochures as well as loose items that haven’t made it into the kraft insert yet.


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