I honestly have no idea what happened here

This is a roll of black and white that I shot in my Blackbird Fly and the whole thing came out so terrible that Dwayne’s Photo put in that little slip of paper that basically says “this film is fucked, we did the best we could”. The film was expired Fuji Neopan, but it’s been in the fridge since the day I bought it and it shouldn’t be THAT bad. I also, for some reason, took almost a year to finish the roll, so maybe having the film sit for months wasn’t a great idea. Some of the photos are from Jennings, which I shot during the first semi-decent weekend we had last fall, and I finished the roll at Talbert-Pierson Cemetery a couple of weeks ago.

Or maybe the camera just doesn’t play nice with black and white. Who knows? Also a lot of them are out of focus for some reason AND there appears to scratching of the negatives. So why am I bothering to blog about a terrible roll of film? Eh I dunno, I kind of think some of the photos have an interesting, aged quality to the them. You be the judge:

Maison de Reprise

Bayou le Batre

Jennings, LA

Talbert-Pierson Cemetery

Our Lady of Tickfaw

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  1. Juliana A
    Apr 08, 2016 @ 02:11:12

    I love these photos, they definitely have an old photo feel. I especially love the scratches.

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