In which I find fame and glory at last: Lagniappe Magazine

So I got some interesting news a couple of months ago that I’ve been kind of sitting on: I was contacted by the editor of Lagniappe Magazine, he came across my blog and wanted to do a story about my photography of abandoned stuff. Lagniappe is a local arts & culture magazine based out of Lake Charles. I said yes, of course.

I got a PDF of the story this morning; I’m mostly pleased with the result, and it seems like he dug pretty deep into the blog archives. He emphasized my political leanings more than I would have in a story about my photography. I guess I tend to think of Sarah the Photographer and Sarah the Wild-Eyed Marxist Bomb-Thrower as different people. (He also makes it sound like I’m against the Keystone Pipeline and I’m not, really. I’m not crazy about it, but it feels pretty inevitable and it’s not like hauling crude oil around by rail is much safer. Say rather that I’m against Big Oil and their stranglehold on our energy infrastructure.)

Anyway, enough of my yap-yappin’, here just read it:

Capturing Louisiana’s Mysterious Places

Upon further reflection, it was perhaps not very nice to say that Holly Beach looks like a “Central American barrio”. Sometimes I forget that people actually read this thing. Mea culpa.

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