Terrebonne Parish, Smena 8M




Abandoned house/cemetery double exposure

Tezcuco Plantation

Okay, that last one was actually Tezcuco Plantation.

I have some money coming to me, and although I’m being #fiscallyresponsible and using most of it to open a checking account (I’ve only had a savings since I moved to Louisiana), I did use a little of it to buy a couple of wishlist items. A new fountain pen, of course, specifically a limited edition Sailor Sapporo Four Seasons (the Meigetsu or Autumn Moon pen). Got a good deal on eBay, about $20-$30 less than American distributors are selling it for, and free expedited shipping from Japan. And also this camera:


It’s a Zorki-4, the Soviet-made Leica knock-off, and I got it from the same Etsy seller I got my Smena 8M from. He has extremely reasonable prices for cameras guaranteed to work, even with the cost of shipping a hunk of metal all the way from Moscow (about 1/3 of the overall price). This model was released for the 50th anniversary of the 1917 revolution, hence all the Soviet bling. Lots of these cameras were commemorative releases.

Dosvedanya, comrades!

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