Midori Traveler’s Notebook

This is another journaling/planner system I’ve become interested in. It’s a popular option because of how customizable it is, but the standard Midori brand cover is leather and not cheap. A less expensive option is the “fauxdori”, which are popular for reasons involving money, veganism, and/or just wanting something different than a plain brown or black leather cover.

Fauxdori TN

I found this knock-off “boho string journal” being sold at Michael’s under their store brand Expressions for $15 last month, it came with a blank white paper insert and a brown kraft paper insert. But I figured it would go on sale and I’m in Michael’s at least twice a month. Sure enough, the next time it was in there it was 40% off, so I scooped it up. I ditched the white paper notebook, the pages of which felt overly thick and too pulpy to be fountain pen-friendly, but I kept the kraft paper. Kraft paper is more or less all the same. I also didn’t like the charms it came with–too “15-year-old girl’s diary”–so I swapped them for a St. Joan medal and a fleur-de-lis I had on hand, leftovers from chaplet-making.

Fauxdori TN

Here it is after I added a Field Notes graph notebook (the large “Arts & Sciences” edition) and weekly planner with memo and lightweight paper journal, both Midori TN brand. So I guess my “fauxdori” is at least semi-authentic. The pen is an eyedroppered Pilot Petit filled with Sailor Yama-dori.

Fauxdori TN

The kraft paper notebook will function as a kind of scrapbook. In a TN, the different notebooks are attached to each other with large rubber bands, and the middle is slipped through an elastic that runs down the inside spine of the cover. So you have different notebooks with different layouts, but they all function as one journal/planner.

Fauxdori TN

The Field Notes may just be for, well, notes; but I’m going to do some research on bullet journaling this weekend and that may be something I want to get into. I’ve stayed away from it before now because it seems like it involves a lot of color-coding and I don’t really want to haul around an entire craft store with me.

Fauxdori TN

The weekly planner (to which I added a lucky money envelope, a finishing touch on a lot of my journals/planners) and the journal will be used primarily for photography projects and road trips… things that involve actual travel, so to speak. My Hobonichi Techo functions more as a mini-journal and I don’t see there being a lot of overlap between the two. I like to think of the Hobo being a journal of internal life and the TN as one of external life.


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