Another weekend on the River Road

Specifically, LA-44.

In my never-ending quest to go to all of the festivals in Louisiana at least once (or at least, the ones that I think sound interesting), on Saturday I went to Frisco Fest, at the San Francisco Plantation in Garyville. I’ve been to the plantation before; in fact, a photo that I took of it is the header image I use for my Facebook page. Frisco Fest is a local arts and crafts festival, and I always like to what my fellow artists are making. I left with 3 bottles of fruit wine (made in Independence, LA), a set of embroidered flour sack dishcloths (made in Metairie, LA), and a pottery ikebana vase (made in Gonzales, LA). I was so impressed with the quality of the goods being sold that I talked Mom into going on Sunday.

Then I drove a little ways down the road to the remains of Tezcuco Plantation, built in 1855 and destroyed by fire in 2002. These are just cell shots but I also took some film shots.

Tezcuco Plantation

Okay yeah, I totally hopped the fence. It’s like knee-high and there are 2-foot gaps around several trees, how could I resist?

Tezcuco Plantation

Tezcuco Plantation

Tezcuco Plantation

Tezcuco Plantation

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