Terrebonne Parish, LA

On Saturday I went to Terrebonne Parish, a very large but sparsely populated parish southwest of New Orleans. It’s been on my list of places, and I was reminded of it after reading about how the Native Americans of Isle de Jean Charles have received a HUD grant to re-locate. They’ve lived on the island for over 200 years but the levee system bypassed them, and it’s been shrinking rapidly due to erosion and saltwater intrusion. The whole place is probably going to be under water in 50 years. I did go out there, but because it’s so narrow—barely ¼ of a mile wide—there’s no place to stop and take photos unless you park in the middle of the only road. Every piece of land is someone’s yard.

I shot some color and B&W 35mm but didn’t finish either of the rolls, so these are just some cell phone shots.

Outskirts of Houma.

Bait shack, Houma, LA

Cemetery in Grand Caillou. Every once in a while you find a grave painted either blue or pink.

Grand Caillou, LA


Pointe-aux-Chenes, LA

Pointe-aux-Chenes Marina.

Pointe-aux-Chenes Marina

Bourg. Notice the shrimp boat visible in the background. You’re never far from water in Terrebonne Parish.

Bourg, LA

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