LomoChrome Purple

I got LomoChrome Purple rolls of both 35mm and 120 film for Christmas. I shot the 35mm a couple of days later but still have the 120.

It doesn’t look as purple as some of the examples I’ve seen online, which I now realize have probably been digitally manipulated to make the colors pop more. And although it was overcast both days I shot, the film is supposed to be ISO 400 and I had it on the right lens opening, so I don’t know why it looks so underdeveloped and murky. There’s also weird spotting, which I have NO idea what that is, whether the lab fucked up or it’s an artifact of light leakage–I shot this in my Smena 8M, which admittedly has been known to leak.

All that said, I find the results interesting enough to try again, in a different camera and on a brighter day, and I’d probably send the results to Dwayne’s instead of trusting it to my local Walgreen’s. I still have the 120 to shoot, and I’d also like to try the LomoChrome Turquoise.

Lomochrome Purple

Lomochrome Purple

Lomochrome purple

Lomochrome Purple

Lomochrome Purple

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