Vacation #2: La Toussaint

I am slowly getting film developed and photos uploaded from vacation #2, which was much more photography-intensive than vacation #1.

The main purpose of taking vacation that particular week was to get some photos of La Toussaint, the traditional grave-lighting ceremony that happens on All Saint’s Eve in some communities on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. That did not go as well as hoped for, due to overwhelming suspicion, hostility, and sad to say what sounded like plain old money-grubbing from some of the locals.

I tried to be respectful and discreet, electing to hang back and not take any photos during the blessing and lighting of the graves. And I tried really hard not to get any people in my shots, although it was a small cemetery with a lot of people in it. But every time I raised a camera, someone would be in my face, demanding to know if I was going to sell the photos or enter them in contests, threatening to call the police*, and telling me that if I wanted photos I should buy theirs. You know, if they’re that concerned about money, they should just charge admission or ask for donations. I would have happily paid for the opportunity to take my photos in peace.

Southerners like to pretend they’re more polite than northerners because they call people “sugar” or whatever. But they have a real bug up their ass when it comes to photography and (what they often mistakenly perceive as) private property; combine the two and they’re apt to go full Hulk on you. I spent 35 years in California, a lot of them with a camera, and nobody ever once hassled me about it, particularly not in a freaking cemetery.

*How exactly a fat girl with a camera is a matter for the police was not explained to me.

All Saint's Eve

All Saint's Eve

All Saint's Eve

All Saint's Eve

All Saint's Eve

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  1. httpmom
    Nov 19, 2015 @ 22:31:22

    lovely photos you have here!

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