St. Charles Borromeo Church & Cemetery

Memorial Day weekend was mostly rainy, but on Monday it stopped long enough to drive up to Grand Coteau in St. Landry Parish and take some photos. I finished the roll I had in my Smena 8M but I haven’t gotten that developed yet.

Stained glass

Those are some evil looking cherubs.

Church & clergy cemetery

Metal cross



I’m not a fan of tattoos (for myself, I mean; I am not your mommy and what you choose to do with your own body is none of my business), but I kind of think this would be a great design for one.




I usually take a weekend trip somewhere at the end of May, sort of one last hurrah before summer shuts me down until September, but I’m still trying to save for that car. Too bad, I really wanted to go back to Mississippi–I want to go to Union Church, which is the first place in Mississippi that my paternal ancestors lived. Before that, I think they lived in North Carolina (my oldest brother is the family’s genealogist). Guess it will have to wait, maybe this winter I can swing it. In the fall I’m planning a trip to Missouri; that was supposed to happen this spring, but–car. I’d like to go early fall, maybe the end of September, because on All Saint’s Day (November 1st) I want to find a cemetery that still does grave-lighting and see if I can take some photos. That will most likely require spending the night somewhere, possibly New Orleans.

Tomorrow is my Lomographers of Acadiana meetup and it’s probably going to be the last one; I’ve about made up my mind to let my dues expire. It’s just too much hassle and expense when almost no one who belongs to the group ever bothers to show up.

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  1. Karl
    Jun 03, 2015 @ 13:50:16

    Thanks for this wonderful post of photos. I attended St. Ignatius school for 8 years from the late sixties to mid seventies and have spent countless hours playing in and around this church and cemetery. I particularly like the metal Francois Simon marker (with “ICI REPOSE” in the circle – I have photos of this one too!). Also, the old priest/brother section with graves actually marked R.I.P. and birth dates from the late 18th century is always interesting to me. Very glad I found your blog!

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