Hasta la vista, Maria! (Obvious joke is obvious.)

Sometimes I remember that for the last few years that I lived in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was our governor. And then I have to think wait, did that actually happen, or was it just something I hallucinated as the result of one too many pot brownies?

Anyway, his official portrait was unveiled at the capitol in Sacramento this week, occasioning a bit of a sad trombone moment. It was painted when he was still in office—and still married to Maria Shriver—and features a hastily-retouched area. See if you can spot it! (Spoiler alert: Unless you are Mister Magoo, you will spot it.)


Apparently Maria Shriver originally made a cameo in the form of a lapel pin. Which seems weird to me, because are giant lapel pins in the shape of an actual person’s face really a thing? But she’s now the ex, so think of that sloppy dark-blue smudge as a history erase button. They couldn’t afford a better touch-up job? I know the state’s in a fiscal crunch and all, but this looks like they gave an intern a bucket of house paint and told him to make it happen.

(As always when I’m making fun of Governor Schwarzenegger, I feel compelled to point out that he wasn’t actually the worst governor the state ever had. He wasn’t even the worst in my lifetime. That dubious honor belongs to Pete Wilson, whose policy of energy deregulation is a straight line to Enron and the summer of rolling blackouts.)


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