I think we should call this one “Turducken Barbie”

Oh for Pete’s sake, she’s fleeing the interview!  SHE’S FLEEING THE INTERVIEW!

Oh for Pete’s sake, she’s fleeing the interview! SHE’S FLEEING THE INTERVIEW!

I am really glad I don’t live in Louisiana’s Sixth District, which includes Baton Rouge. The Congressional race is shaping up to be a real shitshow, even by Louisiana standards. It’s a clown car of teatard jackasses still butthurt over the passage of the ACA and concerned about Serious Threats to America like not being allowed to set gay people on fire; plus former governor Edwin Edwards, who did corrupt Louisiana politicians proud when he found a loophole in the whole “convicted felons can’t hold federal or state office” thing: it’s just a Congressional district, so it’s not a “state” office, see? It’s like going into a restaurant and being given a menu that only has “cockroach omelette” and “armadillo roadkill sandwich” on it.

So far the Republican candidate that seems to be hogging the spotlight the most is Lenar Whitney, a former tap dance instructor who is like an unholy cross between Sarah Palin and Orly Taitz. She kicked her run off with a video in which she calls climate change a “hoax”, claims the planet is actually getting colder, and then threw in some Birtherism, because why not, there’s still some milk left in those teats, right? (Spoiler alert, Lenar: no.) Oh, and she used the phrase “lamestream media”, which is always the mark of a Serious Thinker.

Her handlers showed some uncanny self-awareness last week when they accused Cook Political Report editor David Wasserman of “conducting a Palin-style interview”. Apparently this is conservative code for asking a politician about views and opinions that have come out of their facehole; and then having to end the interview when said politician locks up, starts blurting out word salad like HAL after he got his motherboard pulled, gets hustled out of the room by aides, then goes on Facebook hours later and whines about being “gotcha’d” because the interviewer couldn’t handle a Strong Conservative Woman. Yeah, Whitney is definitely reading from the Palin Handbook.



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