Saint Rita honey jar

Saint Rita honey jar

Honey jars are old school Hoodoo, used to sweeten up your life. Some workers claim they can only be used to sweeten specific people to you, but I’ve spoken with older workers that wouldn’t agree with that. And they don’t always have to have candles burned on top–if you’re trying to sweeten a person, then you “set a light on them”. If you’re keeping a honey jar to make your life sweet in general, then just keep it on your altar or other charged space and let it do its work.

Saint Rita is the matron saint of all women, but especially of abused women or women in difficult situations. (She was married at age 12–!!!–to an alcoholic who abused her.) She is associated with bees because as an infant, a cloud of bees was observed flying into and out of her open mouth as she slept, but caused her no harm. So what better saint to help me with a honey jar?

Saint Rita honey jar (back)

The back. This is a very small jar, just a couple of inches high. Inside are allspice berries, lavender, shredded angelica root, and a single dried rosebud. Roses, along with figs, are a traditional offering for Saint Rita. As she was dying, her cousin asked her if she could get her anything. Rita asked for roses; the cousin went out into the garden but didn’t expect to find anything because it was winter. She found a single rose and a single fig.

Saint Rita honey jar (top)

She is called “the Saint of the Impossible”, and like Saint Jude can be petitioned for success in lost causes.

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