Charlene Richard, the “Little Cajun Saint”

Last week I drove about an hour north to Acadia Parish to see the grave of Charlene Richard, a 12-year-old girl who died of leukemia in the 1950s. There’s a local movement to have the Vatican open a petition for her beatification and eventual canonization, people claim to have been cured of cancer by praying to her and stuff like that. It’s interesting to be able to observe the middle part of that slow process, which can take centuries. She’s not (yet?) an official saint of the RCC, but she’s more than just another dead person.

Grave of Charlene Richard

There are kneelers all around her grave for people to pray, a petition box on top of it, and (of course) a donation box. More on that later.

Grave of Charlene Richard

Grave of Charlene Richard

Grave of Charlene Richard

She’s buried in St. Edward’s Church cemetery in Richard, and after I took some photos of her grave I went into the church. Richard is a tiny community–not a town even, a village–and from the outside the church just a little A-frame; but as soon as I walked in I saw where that donation money was going. Every square inch of wall was crammed with statuary and mosaics and stained glass. It looked like Donald Trump’s private chapel.

St. Edward's Catholic Church

These chandeliers are ludicrous, and there were like a dozen of them in that tiny place.

St. Edward's Catholic Church

These are their holy water fonts! There were two of them! (For those not familiar with Catholic churches, the fonts are usually just stone bowls bolted onto the wall.)

Honestly, I think Pope Frankie should be notified. I would have thought that money was going partially towards defraying the costs of her beatification petition, with some going to charity. Like maybe, I don’t know, childhood leukemia research??

St. Edward's Catholic Church

Baby Jesus is very disappointed in you.

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