Avoyelles Parish

I went up north to Avoyelles Parish last month and was waiting until I got the film I shot developed before I did a blog post about it, but… I have no excuse, I’ve just been procrastinating. The good part is that most of my free time has been spent actually going places to take more photos, because we have been having some gorgeous weather. So anyway, here are some of the digital shots I took.

Fort deRussy Cemetery

Fort deRussy cemetery has many Confederate graves and is allegedly haunted.

Fort deRussy Cemetery

Marksville State Historic Site

Native American burial mounds are impressive in theory; in reality they’re pretty much just big, old piles of dirt.

Marksville State Historic Site

Main Street, Marksville, LA

Marksville water tower and cemetery

In other photography news, yesterday I sold a print of the Buddhist temple on Avery Island in the morning, and SEVEN more prints of LeBeau Plantation in the evening! The woman that bought the print last week, her husband decided to buy 5×7 copies of a different shot for his brothers and sisters. They all played in the house as children.

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