Blessing Oil

Blessing Oil

This is apparently one of those oils that has lots of different recipes, I’ve seen several and very few of them had more than one or two ingredients in common. The one commonality is that they seem like they’d all be very sweet-smelling.

In the end I wound up pulling elements from a few different recipes, so this is more or less a custom blend. It’s ylang ylang, lavender, orange, patchouli, and sandalwood oils in a base of sweet almond oil, with pinches of angelica root and agrimony.

Blessing Oil is an all-purpose oil for petitioning saints (some saints have their own personal oils, but in a pinch you can use this one for any saint); it can also be used in candle spells, in floor washes or baths, and as a personal scent.

The bottle is another $1.99 bottle from World Market.

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