Three Kings Oil

Three Kings Oil

I got some sandalwood essential oil I’d ordered in yesterday’s mail, I’m going to use it for Peaceful Home Oil (yes I use it in Peaceful Home Oil even though it’s not standard, more on that later) but I’m still waiting on one last herbal ingredient. So in the meantime, since I had all the necessary resins, I made some Three Kings Oil. It’s an all-purpose blessing oil, good for consecrating altar items and dressing altar candles (most altars usually have 2 white candles at the back, one on each side).

Three Kings Oil is sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, and amber. You can use essential oils for all 4 ingredients, or use all solids, or use a combination, which is what I did. I crushed up small pieces of the resins* in my mortar and pestle, and added some sandalwood essential oil. You can see the crushed resins resting on the bottom of the bottle, but they will eventually dissolve.

*We had a conversation about resins in one of my Facebook groups the other day, to crush or not to crush. Sometimes oil recipes will specify this or that resin be added whole, but more often than not it doesn’t say one way or the other. I crushed all these up, since they are the main–indeed, almost the only–ingredients in the oil. Ultimately, a whole piece of resin will eventually dissolve though, so the conclusion was that it doesn’t much matter one way or the other. Some rootworkers crush, some don’t, some both crush and add a whole piece for show, and still others use resin oils.


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