Lomo LC-A+: Louisiana State Milling Co. building in Abbeville

Last time I used this camera, the Walgreen’s in town got the negatives all scratched up and blamed it on the camera–said there must be a hair stuck between the lens and shutter. I was pretty sure that was bullshit, but I wanted to be sure so I ran a roll through it last Saturday.

No scratches/hairs/whatever (cementing my resolve to use the Walgreen’s in Lafayette from now on), but about half of the photos were really underexposed. I panicked for about a second–this is both one of my most expensive and most often used 35mm cameras–then realized it was probably the batteries. They’re over 2 years old and like I said, I use this camera fairly frequently. Sure enough, the indicator light was flickering. I put in some new batteries and now the light is steady. I’m going to shoot another roll just to be 100% sure, and barring any further problems, this is the camera I’m going to take to SoCal.

We had a lot of rain last weekend, so I decided to stay in town. If it started raining while I was shooting, I could always go home and wait it out, or run errands. A lot of what I like to shoot in south Louisiana–old and/or abandoned buildings, tiny cemeteries, beautiful churches–are right here in Abbeville, but I tend to ignore them in favor of something I need to drive 2 hours to photograph!

Louisiana State Milling Co. building

Railroad Avenue

Louisiana State Milling Co. building

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