Smena 8M: St. Landry Parish

I learned a valuable lesson about this camera the 2nd time I used it: the rewind knob sometimes doesn’t work–maybe because the original take-up spool has been replaced with the guts of a 35mm film canister–and trying to force it will just rip the end out of your film roll. Sigh. So now I remove the film inside a changing bag and rewind it by hand.


Framing is tricky with this camera, what you see through the viewfinder is always tighter than what actually gets photographed–when I looked through the viewfinder at this scene, I pretty much only saw the building.



Still, this lens has awesome color saturation.


You can get pretty close-up, too.


The photos were a little overexposed, I used 200 speed film and stopped it all the way down to F16, but it was a really bright day. I think I’ll stick to Ektar in this camera unless it’s an overcast day.

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