Camera stash!

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, get all of my vintage cameras together and take some photos. (I took 3 photos from 3 positions: standing, sitting, kneeling.) I don’t keep them all in one place–I group all the rangefinders together in one place, my Kodaks in another, my Polaroids in another, some that are for sale I keep in the closet, and miscellaneous ones are on the top shelf of my desk–so it’s hard to get a sense of how many I actually have. This isn’t even all the vintage cameras I’ve EVER owned, since I started my Etsy shop last year, I’ve sold a few. A lot of these are for sale, too–in fact, most of them would be for sale at the right price. Although there are a few I wouldn’t sell at ANY price: my Arguses, my Land Camera, the WWI-era Zeiss-Ikon that Phil bought in Germany when he was in the Army. He gave it to me a few years ago.

PICT0988, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

PICT0987, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

PICT0990, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

A lot of people do film stash photos, but I don’t have tons of film on hand at any given time. Frankly I think it’s dumb to hoard more film than you can shoot in, say, a year. Refrigerated or no, unexposed film is a slowly degrading medium. I’m currently stockpiling about 20 rolls of Fuji Neopan 400, which I recently learned is being discontinued, but I won’t try to amass more than that. I’ll just have to switch to Ilford when it runs out. Sigh. Although at the moment I do have quite a bit of Fuji color 35mm, since my friend Trish sold me her stash!

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