MOO Cards is having a sitewide 30% off sale this week

I just found out, and good thing because I need more business cards. I gave 50 to the NOPA gallery when I dropped off my photo for the exhibit; I was there the last Saturday in June for a grant workshop and the stack was pretty depleted. The exhibit was initially supposed to run until July 1st, but the gallery extended it another 3 weeks. So I imagine by the time I go to pick up my photo (unless someone buys it!), they’ll be gone.

I prefer the rounded corner cards:

(This is a hasty cut-and-paste Paint job, but you can see the rounded corners if you look closely. Also the actual card has my cell phone # on the last line.)

The opposite sides have a selection of my own photos, MOO has a handy feature where you can import images from your Etsy shop.

I’ve also used MOO to make postcards out of my photos. I’m a member of Postcrossing, and whenever a recipient mentions they’re a photographer or they enjoy photography, I’ll send them one. I was really impressed the first time I ordered them. The colors of the photos transfer 100% accurately, and it’s a heavy, durable cardstock with a nice, silky finish.

I’m not affiliated with MOO Cards, I swear. I just think it’s a great service and a really good product.

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