the lost art of paper & pen

Wow, I haven’t been posting much of anything other than photos lately. I’ve been writing more in my paper journals, but it’s never anything I think anyone would be interested in. Except for in the various LJ journaling groups I belong to, which is where I found something called Lost Crates. Basically you sign up, take a short personality quiz, and for $38 per month they send you a bunch of notebooks, pens and other stationery supplies.

I Googled it and read some reviews of people who’ve gotten at least one shipment, and most people seemed to feel that what they got was worth the money, so I joined. I like the idea of letting people pick out things that I might not normally think to try for myself. $38 every single month is a lot (although that includes the shipping), but I figure I’ll do it for a couple-three months until I have a stockpile (well, more of a stockpile; I love pens and notebooks), then quit until I’ve used most of it up. You can quit and re-join as often as you want without extra fees.

I also joined the Fountain Pen Network, which is a forum for people who like fountain/dip pens, stationery, and weird bottled inks; not to mention the lost art of correspondence. There’s  a place to swap addresses for people who want to write letters to each other; I got my first postcard today. Nothing real deep, it’s just fun to receive mail and people so rarely bother to send it nowadays. (I also joined the Letters Writers Alliance!)

Stuff I have recently purchased:

  • Field Notes “County Fair”, Louisiana edition. Field Notes are the new Moleskine, only better because they’re made in the USA and use Futura font. If I like them I will get California, too.
  • Behance Dot Grid Journal.  I like graph paper cahiers better than lined journals, I’m interested to see what it’s like to write on dot grid paper.
  • A lap desk. I had daydreams of some wooden Victorian contraption, but in the end went for simple and plastic. Also easy to shove under the bed for the 23 hours a day I don’t need it.
  • International Girl Aerogrammes. I have letters to send as well as receive.
  • Noodler’s Ink in Baystate Blue. People who use this ink are fanatical about it, so I thought I’d see what all the fuss is about.
  • Heeding the advice that the ink stains everything it touches (it’s waterproof) and people recommend you not use it in your best fountain pen, I also bought one of Noodler’s Ink fun little retro-styled resin fountain pens, in turquoise.

And currently I’m debating between getting the Pelikan P58 and the Lamy Al-Star. (Currently the Lamy has a slight edge, because it’s thicker and therefore probably more comfortable to grip.) I want a more “work day” fountain pen than my Waterman. Something that I don’t freak out over when I drop it or forget it at work.

So, what are you obsessed with lately?


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