sally hansen salon effects nail polish strips

Don’t even ask me what on earth compelled me to give these a try. I was looking for some nail polish for my toes, since sandal weather has arrived, saw these, and was like “What the hell”.

They’re not like those crappy nail decals that start peeling after a few hours, these are actual strips of nail polish that adhere to your nails by themselves. The box claimed that it would last 7-10 days; I was highly skeptical. Darn if they weren’t still pristine at the end of a week! No visible chipping or cracking, and I’m fairly hard on my hands. I don’t garden or work on car engines or anything, but I wash dishes nearly every night. I did go over them with a coat of fast-drying clear, just for insurance.

Most of the designs are too obnoxious for me; I outgrew neon nail polish in 7th grade. The first time I used them I went with that metallic nude with a black fishnet pattern on the top row; right now I’m sporting the leopard pattern underneath it. What, I like the colors!

I wish they made black, for old time’s sake. The problem with black polish is you always had to goop so much on to avoid streaks, so it’s an ideal color for this application. Supposedly they’re releasing 5 more patterns this summer, most of which I could see wearing–stripes and checks.

In related news, I also recommend the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Pen, which is what I wound up getting for my toenails. It’s much easier to control than a brush and bottle, and impossible to spill. And the red is a true red, with no orangey or purpley tones.


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