vermilion parish

It was like, stupidly beautiful this weekend. Temperatures just south of 80, not too humid, just a bit of breeze. I grabbed a bunch of cameras and struck out more or less at random; I wound up going west on LA-82 as far as just past Little Prairie, between Forked Island and Pecan Island. I went over the Intracoastal Waterway, the bridge seems insanely high and steep when you’re going over it, but man what a view. Too bad there’s nowhere to pull over and take a photo.

Pulling off a highway in Louisiana is a risky prospect even on flat land, as there’s usually about a foot of shoulder before the inevitable ditch. At times I was slanted so severely I had to fight my out of the driver’s seat, but I never had any trouble getting back onto the roadway. Must be the fresh treads on my new tires.

Next Saturday is my third Lomographers of Acadiana meet-up, and I actually have a couple of RSVPs for it, so I’m excited. This one is going to be in Iberville Parish, which is a little farther than I’ve previously roamed (it’s closer to the Baton Rouge area than Acadiana). But Bayou Goula boasts the world’s smallest chapel, how could I resist?!

These are just a few of the digital photos; I also shot half a roll of 35mm in my Holga 135BC and a few Holgaroids.


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