a few new orleans shots with the pink slim dress

I took both Superheadz cameras on the latest trip to New Orleans, the Pink Slim Dress (their Viv UWS knock-off–although “knock-off” is kind of a derisive term for a vastly improved product) and the Golden Half. I got them developed and put on CD early this week, I’ve just been lazy about uploading.

I’ve been sort of re-discovering my love of 35mm lately. Sure, it’s not as obviously fancy-shmancy as 120, but it’s a great workhorse of a film, and it can be distorted in some pretty interesting ways (ie. redscale etc.). And some of my favorite cameras shoot it.

This weekend I’m going to try to shoot some instant B&W. Winter is suited to the film, since everything’s so stark and colorless anyway, and I’m interested to see what the Fuji B&W type 100 looks like in the Holgaroid.

I love street photography, but you never know how people are going to react to having their photo taken. I tend to shoot them when they aren’t looking. I am the Robert Ford of street photographers.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually walked through Pirate’s Alley before, just glanced down it as I passed by. It’s very colorful.

I love the buildings in New Orleans. The city’s just so much older than anything in the Bay Area.


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