blue polaroid type 100, shot in the holgaroid

A few months ago I bought a “triple dip” of type 100 expired Polaroid film from The Impossible Project: 1 pack each of sepia, chocolate, and blue. I shot the sepia a few weeks ago and got some great photos, but this is the color I was really looking forward to using.

This is just a view of the shop’s roof, so nothing real exciting, I was mostly just testing development time and wanting to see how blue it came out. (Answer: pretty damn blue!) The development is more or less the same as for the regular Fuji color type 100; this was developed for about a minute and a half — I went back indoors before I pulled it out of the camera because it was pretty cold outside.

This film is only ISO 80, and as I found out later that night it does NOT work indoors, even with a flash. (The flash on the Holga is kind of weak, anyway.) So pretty much this is a bright sunshiney day film.

We’re going to New Orleans on Thursday, and I would LOVE to bring this along — I still have 7 exposures left — but the Holgaroid is not really practical for walking around in a city. You have to stop and time the development, and the photos create a lot of trash. Maybe I’ll bring it in case there’s something really cool right near the car I can shoot, then leave it in there.

I bought another triple dip about a month ago when it was on sale, and since no one bought me any for Christmas I think I’ll buy another. I mean, once the existing stock is gone, that’s probably going to be it. I don’t think TIP plans to re-create Polaroid’s pack film, since there isn’t as much of a need or desire for it as integral film.


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