Christmas isn’t just about presents. It’s about the one time of the year where your family makes an effort to get together and get along. (It helps that my immediate family are actually all cool people and none of them are bigots or Faux News watchers or god-botherers who tell me I’m hellbound).

That being said: come on, presents are awesome.

From the ‘rents:

  • A blank journal in a re-usable leather cover (with another blank journal that will fit inside).
  • A wax “S” seal.
  • Harajuku Lovers “Wicked Style” Music perfume.
  • An Old Navy gift card.
  • Brooch, a snake twirled around a branch with a green stone in its mouth.
  • Mom tried to get me the Holga 35mm TLR, but must have been fucked up because she said it wouldn’t take any of her cards. She’s going to try again this week.

From Uncle Larry:

  • Susan Sontag’s essay series On Photography.
  • The Girl Who Played With Fire.

From Rian:

  • A Barnes & Noble gift card (gonna use this to get both the book and movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo).

From Jamie & Greg:

  • The Williams-Sonoma “Asian” book from the Food Made Fast series.
  • A sampler of teas from Chado and a tea filter (as you can see I already had one and it was excellent).

From David:

  • A really beautiful Waterman fountain pen. It can take cartridges and also be filled from bottled ink.

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