landry cemetery

Late yesterday afternoon, when I got home from my bicycle ride, I asked my brother Rian (who arrived from NYC on Sunday) if he wanted to go look at anything nearby. He’s like me, he enjoys riding around and finding stuff and places (before I got a job, when I first moved down here, I used to do that a lot); plus I know it can be dull to be stuck at the house all day.

We had been talking about this old cemetery that he and Mom had been to back when the ‘rents first moved back here, but that I’d never seen, the Landry Cemetery. It’s pretty hard to find if you don’t already know where it is. He was like, let’s go there.

One of our great-great-great grandmothers (a Landry, as a matter of fact) is buried there; actually, she’s a direct matriarchal descent straight to me because she’s Granny’s (my mother’s mother) mother’s (Momo) mother’s (Grandma Lee) mother. She’s also how our family can call itself Cajun, because no one really knows where the Delinos (my grandmother’s father’s family) came from. The working theory I’ve heard all my life is that they’re Spaniards, I guess from when Louisiana was Spanish territory. There’s a village in Spain, de Lino or something, that they allegedly came from, but it’s all pretty much guesswork.

Surrounding the cemetery is what my Aunt Lori claims is called “Pollit’s Woods”, which were the local spooky spot when she was growing up in Henry. They’re supposed to be haunted or infested with loups-garoux (Cajun werewolves) or something. I did hear what I’m pretty sure was a coyote, this sort of howling bark that sounded like no dog I’ve ever heard, so maybe that’s where that reputation comes from. (And I wasn’t even aware that we had coyotes in Louisiana until a couple months ago.)

I just thought this was cool, the different sizes. I guess it’s a family, parents and kids. Is that morbid? I dunno, I’ve never found cemeteries depressing or scary, I guess because I don’t really fear death. Nothingness isn’t scary to me. It’s not like I’m gonna be there to experience it.

Our god is a lichen-encrusted god!

Entire set is here. It’s only about a dozen photos because it was too dark for anything other than the digital.


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