now i know how flappers felt

So I’ve been toying with cutting my hair ever since I moved down here. Humid climates aren’t really friendly to long hair. It wouldn’t be a radical departure or anything, since I’ve worn my hair at various lengths of “bob” ever since high school. But I didn’t want to cut it off on a whim and then regret it, so I decided to wait until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

About 2 weeks ago I had a dream that it was short, and when I woke up I knew I was ready. (I also dreamed it was dark red, but dyed hair just isn’t me anymore. It’s too much upkeep, besides which I like my gray hair. It’s pretty and I don’t have any desire to cover it up.) I asked Mom if she recommended her hairdresser and she said unreservedly, so I asked her to make an appointment for me. I had to wait 11 days, because she only works part time. Get this, she has 2 young sons that are almost exactly 9 months apart. She and her husband tried for years to conceive, then tried to adopt through Catholic charities for more years, then gave up and hired a lawyer who arranges private adoptions. She was in the delivery room when he was born and was handed him as soon as he popped out.


God has a funny sense of humor.

Anyway, I took this photo Monday night (the night before my appointment), for posterity:

It was pretty much down to my waist. It looks kind of wavy, but that’s only because I wore it twisted into a bun all day.

And after…

It’s cut pretty much as short as it can be while being the same length (except the bangs).

I also invested in this hot iron, although I got it for $40 at Sally Beauty Supply, not $60. The sides poof out a little more without all the weight pulling it down, but a couple swipes with the iron calms it down nicely. My hair already feels healthier, not to mention my scalp. All that hair is heavy!

I didn’t tell anyone at work I was going to be cutting it, because people fuss at you when your hair’s long and you talk about cutting it. Like it’s anyone’s business but mine what I do with my hair? MY HAIR IS NOT A PUBLIC COMMODITY TO BE HAGGLED OVER OKAY. So I pretty much blew their minds when I went in this morning. Most of them said it was cute, but the sincerest compliment was when the office manager saw me, stopped in her tracks, and said “Sha!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer K
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 10:17:07

    I love it! I cut my hair into a bob after having longer hair for years, and it suits me just fine. And a bob never goes out of style.

  2. Rinatsu
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 04:36:44

    Wow! You cut it so short. O_O But I know what you mean. Once my hair was very long, similar length to yours but then I cut till my shoulders. X)
    But this style really suits you!~ ^^

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