shoes, glorious shoes

Ugh, you guys. I may have a problem. I acquired four new pairs of shoes yesterday.

In my defense, I only bought 2 pairs. See, I bought red and blue satin plum blossom China flats from Good Goth back in April. Because I now live a few thousand miles from the nearest Chinatown — New Orleans has many fine features, but it lacks a Chinatown. And I waited for them to arrive. And waited. And waited. And 4 months went by, and every time I remembered and thought “Gee, I oughta email and find out what the heck is going on”, I was always in my car or at work or at the grocery store, and I always forgot.

Anyway, I finally remembered last week and got back a reply that was basically OH SHIT OKAY HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED: they were out of stock when I ordered them, but they never told me that, and the authorization to charge my Visa expired after a couple of weeks. But they’re back in stock and we’re going to ship them priority mail and not charge you any shipping and handling OKAY SORRY.

And they arrived literally when I was at Stage buying MOAR SHOOZ. They were having a BOGO 1/2 off sale, on top of regular sale prices, and I need both a basic black pair of shoes (the only black pair I have is patent leather, which doesn’t always go with certain outfits, and is getting kind of old besides), and a navy pair. The black pair I found but a navy pair eluded me; but since it would only cost another $15 to buy a 2nd pair, I bought these ridiculously pretty sparkly silvery-purply-pink flats. They’re a brand called Chinese Laundry and I looked on their website and OMG NAVY BLUE SHOES AND I NEED THEM NOW. But I’m not paying $59 for a pair of shoes that, what with the near-daily rain in these parts, probably won’t last a year. I’ll just haunt their website and Stage until they go on sale.

See, I have SOME restraint.

I am also expecting these shoes in the mail next week, but they’re only replacing an identical pair that have gotten really scuffed up. I wore them a lot the last 6 months I lived in California, and I was on foot a lot because I kept having trouble with my bicycle.

The funny thing is that I didn’t give a crap about shoes for most of my adult life. I would have a black pair, a brown pair, and a pair of sandals for summer, and that was enough. Then something flicked on in my brain about a year and a half ago, and I turned into shoeholic stereotype. Except for where I refuse to wear heels higher than 1 1/2″ or pay more than $40 for a pair. And almost all of my shoes weren’t more than $20. When you have a lot the same pairs don’t get worn as often, so cheap shoes won’t fall apart as fast.



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