product review: goody spin pin

A couple people recommended this a few months ago when I was first looking for hair accessories. I had seen them in the stores but they looked so weird that I couldn’t imagine how they’d possibly work. I mean, I figured that there’d be directions, but Goody is sort of infamous for including frustratingly vague and misleading directions with their products. The updo pin is a perfect example: it tells you to insert it at the base of the bun, but if you did that you’d rip all your hair out trying to flip it up. You really need to insert it through the center.

ANYWAY. The accessories I have been using have been of the “clamp your hair to your head” variety, and frankly it’s been a very long summer and my scalp is starting to get a little sore. So I decided to give these a try… so naturally, they had disappeared from every single store shelf in town and I wound up having to get them through

But they only took a couple of days to arrive, and between the instructions and the internet (YAY INTERNET) it only took about 30 seconds to comprehend how they work. Basically you coil your hair as usual, then screw one pin into the top and one into the bottom of the bun. One spin pin allegedly does the work of 20 bobby pins.

I did this in about 10 seconds, while sitting at my desk and looking at photos of baby animals on Cute (I always leave the ends sticking out of my bun, I don’t like to have repressed-looking hair.) And even with the several pounds of hair I am currently in possession of, it only took a couple of pins — I bought 2 sets just in case. And it stayed in place all day.

Best of all, they don’t come into contact with my head at all, for which my poor abused scalp is grateful. Sweet Zombie Jesus, I will be glad when I can start wearing my hair down again.


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