cosmetic review: revlon colorstay mineral lipglaze “stay ablaze”

Last weekend I made a horrifying discovery: Revlon has stopped making the color “Cherries in the Glow” in the Super Lustrous Lip Gloss line. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned ad nauseum, this has been my go-to lip color for years. I don’t wear it every single day or anything; but whenever I had an outfit/eyeshadow color scheme that didn’t quite go with coral or mauve or brownish pink or any of my other choices, I knew I could reach for this because it was a medium neutral red that went with everything. I always recommended it without hesitation because it flattered virtually every skin tone.

I went to 3 drugstores last weekend and everywhere I went it had been replaced with something called “Firecracker”, an obnoxiously bright orangey-red WHORE GLOSS. *weeping bitter tears of despair*

So Sunday afternoon I made it a mission to find a replacement. I was in the Wal Mart make-up aisle for an hour; at one point I had like 7 different lip glosses in my hand, holding them up next to each other and next to my face, squinting and trying to discern shades of orange or an excess of sparkle.

Eventually I narrowed it down to one: another Revlon lip gloss, this in the Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze line, in the color “Stay Ablaze”. It has just a hint of a pearly sheen; and while the color is maybe half a shade brighter than my old favorite, it’s at least a pink-toned brightness instead of the dreaded orange-toned bright red. (Look, no offense if you luuuuurve orange-reds, but I loathe them. HAAAAATE.)

One area where this actually seems to be an improvement over the Super Lustrous line is in durability. It’s drier in texture and less sticky than the Super Lustrous, probably because it is brighter and more opaque so you don’t have to goop as much on.

It’s got a noticeably strong sweet smell, like candy. While not offensive, I prefer my cosmetics to not have any kind of odor.

So while I am somewhat mollified, I am still seriously considering writing a disgruntled letter to Revlon. Who’s with me?! C’mon, I know Cherries in the Glow had something of a cult following, in spite of the dumb name. (Most make-up has idiotic names, anyway.)


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