ladybug on my sandal

I was looking through what I had stored in my LJ photo galleries, in case I dump my paid account. I used it a lot in the days before I had a paid flickr account, since you can only upload so much per month with a free one. I may move everything in the galleries to flickr, just for insurance.

I’d forgotten about this photo, I really like the contrast between the rough texture and drab colors of the sandal with the smooth, brightly colored ladybug. It makes me miss macros — I was totally obsessed with macro photography around 2006-2007, but I’ve been shooting more and more with film and old/cheap cameras in the past couple of years. Maybe I’ll take Phil’s old digital down from the shelf and try a few this weekend.

I got my Holgaroid on Wednesday but haven’t really used it. I shot a couple inside the house, just to get an idea of the framing and the development time of the pack film. But this weekend I’m definitely going to use it for real.

Next camera: The Holga 35mm TLR, which I don’t need. At all. But waaaaant it.


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