i have been neglecting my online journals lately

The ironic thing is that I have been doing some paper journaling that I’m really proud of lately. I just don’t have time at work to fool around online anymore; besides which it’s a law firm and they probably keep track of shit like that and I really like my job. I ain’t losing it because I just HAD to rebut the latest dumb thing the conservitard teabaggers have come up with. (Side note: One thing I like about Louisiana is that people still use the word “retarded” as a derogative without any guilt here. Call me ableist, but the word just has a certain juvenile ring to it that I enjoy.) And by the time I get off work, spend an hour at the gym, eat supper, clean the kitchen, make tomorrow’s lunch, do some writing and/or photo editing, watch whatever Netlfix arrived that day, and read a chapter of whatever I’m reading, it’s time for bed.

Life is pretty good. Work, as previously mentioned, is both interesting and rewarding — I actually seem to be good at it. Mom is tearing up the downstairs in some sort of end-of-summer/pre-holiday nesting frenzy, and we continue to have small-scale spats — mostly over my weight, because like most Americans, she equates fat with both moral failing and personal unhappiness. I can’t really hold it against her, she’s just been brainwashed with the same media machine that deems it acceptable to pick at and haggle over women’s bodies as if they were horses at auction as the rest of western civilization. But yet, she also does that Jewish mother thing where she tries to guilt trip you for not eating what she deems a proper amount of food. Me, last night:

Here’s the thing: you get to try to make me feel guilty for being fat, OR you get to try to make me feel guilty for declining to eat an entire pig’s ribcage for supper. You don’t get to do both. [I say “try”, because she will definitely fail at either one.]

At any rate, if I may paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, mothers need your permission to get under your skin, and she doesn’t have it; so life is largely peaceful and I figure early next year is a good time to start thinking about either moving out or going back to school (which would be largely the same thing, as I’d never be here). I’m comfortable enough here for now.

I’m going to see some dumb piece of shit horror movie with some co-workers today. It was filmed in Louisiana. SUPPORT YOUR LOCALLY FILMED AWFUL ELI ROTH-PRODUCED MOVIES. Well, I’m trying to be normal; normal people go to the movies with their co-workers, right? This is one of those situations in which I relate to Dexter. Or Invader Zim. (I got the 4th season of the former from Amazon a couple days ago but I haven’t watched any of it yet.) Imagine a normal person and act like HER!

I do have plans to eventually make some friends outside of work, but when it’s cooler. I mean, what would be the point of it now? It’s like a zillion degrees out there, what would we do?? However, it’s almost September; and although there’s still probably another 4 weeks of this weather, when the months that end in “-ember” start, it’s got to be fall EVENTUALLY.

In other news, even though I don’t yet have a place of my own to put it, I bought one of My Milk Toof‘s limited edition giclée prints (the “Summer: Thursday” one). I frequently stash about $50 in my PayPal account, then sort of forget about it, so that when I come across something that makes me go OMG SQUEE, I can splurge on it.

I’ve given up hope of ever scoring a working Land Camera on eBay, so instead I think I’m going to finally get a Holgaroid back for my Holga. I have a bunch of Fuji pack film (color and B&W) that I scored for super cheap on eBay, and a trio of Impossible Project film that I bought because it was limited edition and I was afraid it would sell out before I had a camera to use it in, that’s just gathering dust. But that might as well wait for cooler weather, because pack film is really sensitive to heat and humidity and there’s more than a little of both of those things around here lately.

So what’s going on in YOUR life lately?


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  1. Fork
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 00:05:50

    If you haven’t seen it, check out “Little Chenier” sometime. Also filmed in Louisiana, and actually a decent flick. One of the hubby’s friends worked on some of the set construction and the bait shop used in the film is in Westlake.

  2. victoria evans
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 15:37:11

    Hey be big and proud of it. Who cares. Stick insects are awful to look at. A woman with a bit of meat on the bones is a WOMAN. I’ve got the same Holga – I don’t use it as much as my Diana F+ and Pinkdress. Must get onto it.

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