argus c3 rangefinder, sometimes affectionately known as “the brick”

I have decided my life is tragically lacking in vintage 35mm cameras–mine are all medium format. (I have lots of 35mm cameras, but they’re all new, “toy” cameras.) What better camera to start with than the one that was America’s best-selling 35mm camera for 3 decades and that helped popularize the format?

Lately I complain a lot about not having time to photograph since I started working, but it’s actually got almost as much to do with the weather. I would make the time if I really wanted to, but it gets so fucking hot in the summer here that I find, say, shopping for shoes in a nice air-conditioned mall to be a better use of my time than crawling around weedy and bug-infested rural cemeteries, or tooling down some cracked backroad and getting out of my car every few hundred yards, juggling 3 or 4 cameras. Not to mention the humidity fogs up my lenses. I suspect I’ll be back to a roll a week come October.

Incidentally, if you’re a Harry Potter fan and wondering why it looks familiar, it’s probably because it’s been used in the movies, most prominently by Colin Crevey in Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. Sadly, it doesn’t actually take magical photos that move.


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