decisions, decisions (about cameras, as if i ever have any other kind of purchasing quandary)

I had been wavering between finally getting the Lomo L-CA+, or finally getting a scanner. But as it always seems to do, a third option has come up: Holga has come out with a TLR that shoots 35mm!

Look at this fucking beautiful plastic TLR. Just look at it.

Pro: The least expensive of the 3 options.

Con: I already have a 35mm TLR, the SuperHeadz Blackbird Fly.


The only thing is I’m not sure my huge Diana flash would work, because it looks like it might get in the way of the viewfinder. But even with the cost of an alternate flash, it would probably still be the cheaper option.

I’m hesitant to buy the scanner I want anyway, because it’s sure to come with installation set-up on a CD, and the drive on my parent’s computer is so wonky. I can’t get my photo CDs to run half the time, I have to take them to the library. I was shocked that I got MS Word to install so easily.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. victoria evans
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 14:23:56

    get the Holga 🙂

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