fake sushi

My fake sushi-making skills improved much after I made them a couple of times. It helps to pack the rice down into the cylinder of mamenori once you have it wrapped; it gives it a neater shape and makes a tighter, tidier package; in addition to making room for toppings — in this case, tobiko and just a bit of Kewpie mayo.

The thing about sushi is, it was never my favorite thing. If I’m in a Japanese restaurant, there are easily 5 or 6 things I’d order before I ordered sushi. So I’m probably never going to bother making the real thing. But this was fun and something a little different. It’s basically just a fish egg delivery system.

I found this tutorial when I Googled “mini sushi rolls”, because the packaging of the mamenori said it was useful for mini sushi rolls. I will definitely be trying that smoked salmon rose one soon. Mine are a little taller, because I didn’t want to attempt working with such tiny pieces of mamenori. It tends to curl up and act difficult when it’s overhandled. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.


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