i’m a dapper dan man

I’ve been looking for hair accessories without much luck recently. In this heat and humidity, I feel about 10 degrees cooler when my hair is not stuck to my cheeks and making my neck all sweaty. Plus, who the hell wants to blow dry when it’s 90+ degrees outside (even when you have AC inside)? I did think of cutting it when I moved down here, but long hair gets to be kind of addictive. I think about all the time it took to grow it, and I just can’t go through with it.

I’ve had some success with the Scunci Upzing — aka that thing Joaquin Phoenix started wearing all the time when he “retired” from acting and turned into a Section 8 hobo — but it’s kind of cheap and gets too stretched out to be of much use after a couple weeks. Also, if it’s not just right, the teeth of the metal combs dig into my scalp.

After looking at every drug store and beauty supply store in the parish, I realized: duhhh, Etsy. And searching “hair bun holder” brought me to Elephant Planet Designs.

This one is attached to a comb clip. You shove the comb under your hair, after twisting it into a standard coiled bun and pulling it through the circle a bit, and it just sort of clamps over it. It was $19. In the demonstration video she left a little bit loose at the end, and I liked the way it looks, so I wear it the same way.

This one is similar in concept, but it’s 2 pieces and the base is wood, not plastic.  You pull your hair through the circle again, and the fork goes in front of it, to keep it on your head (obviously). It was $30.

So okay, they’re definitely not cheap — which is why I didn’t get them in a bunch of different colors. But they’re well constructed, beautiful, and easy to use; I think they’re worth the money. Beauty + practicality is a rare combination these days, and I am willing to pay a little extra for it. Besides, I’ve bought dozens of cheap plastic hair accessories over the years, and I always wind up tossing them in the trash. My hair is about 2/3 of the way down my back, and it’s always been thick. It takes something substantial to keep it in place.

I would buy more from this same shop. And I probably will! I really like this orange barrette.


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  1. Dana
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 17:52:49

    These are really pretty!

    I tried to keep my hair longer (here in South GA), but it is useless. I always end up wearing it up in a clip or a ponytail. I just chopped it all off and wear it short all the time.

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