bento: week of june 28, 2010

I hardly ever do picture bentos, I don’t know what got into me. This is some fried rice, with:

  • grass/stems of soybean sprouts (they’re both kind of the same color, unfortunately
  • flowers of Spam*
  • leaves of bell pepper
  • clouds of mamenori** (which you can hardly see, because this should really be in a bigger box)
  • a boiled quail egg** sun (I colored it with yellow food color, but it didn’t really take)
  • and another quail egg balloon.

Not pictured: A sidecar of watermelon balls and a packet of classic Pocky.

*I will punch you through the internet if you sneer at Spam. Hooray, you’d never eat it, you’re a fucking class act. Congratufuckinglations.

**I went to the Asian grocery store in Lafayette this weekend. I went there like, the second week I was here, but I just kind of glanced through it. The only favorites of mine they seem to be lacking are milk tea and green onion pancakes. Sniff!

But they have mamenori, quail eggs (although you can buy them from white people here, they’re usually PICKLED), Kewpie mayo (!!!), a lot of the sweets I enjoy (like the bite-size fruit gelatins), pretty much every condiment and noodle you’d need, and frozen spring rolls and BBQ pork buns and potstickers.

Oh, they also don’t have tobiko — just masago — but last weekend I discovered that Rouses, a store in Youngsville that carries some interesting items (I frequently find Mexican Coke there) has it! They have a little sushi stand, and they sell some ingredients for people to make their own, and they have little boxes of flying fish roe. Squee! I like masago, but it’s almost always seasoned, and I prefer the slightly smoky/salty taste of the plain eggs

Speaking of Kewpie mayo, when my brother saw the bottle in the fridge he kind of freaked out… he thought it was a bottle of breast milk. Hee!

In other food-related news, I bought this tea carafe (the one on the left) for work. I miss having my cuppa around 3:00.


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  1. victoria evans
    Jun 27, 2010 @ 22:40:16

    And what is wrong with Spam I’d ask anyone? I was raised on Spam as my dad was in the armed forces and Spam was a major part of the food during his time in the forces. Spam in a fry up with eggs for breakfast – tops! To this day, I love Spam. People not into Spam need to get a life 🙂

    Must get into this Bento business, looks delish.

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