father’s day brekkies

My old friend Susie sent this to me when I solicited Facebook for Father’s Day breakfast recipes. She’d never made it herself but thought it looked good; I thought it was an interesting variation on the ham & egg cups I made for Mother’s Day. Click here for recipe.

The recipe was from Epicurious but was for mini-muffins, as an appetizer, so I had to double the recipe and guess on the time. I also left out the salt it called for in the egg mixture, because seriously. PROSCIUTTO IS SALTED DRY-CURED HAM. You don’t need to go adding any salt.

To go with it I made hoecakes, using Paula Deen’s recipe. Hoecakes were like my grandfather’s favorite thing (with the possible exception of a skillet-fried T-bone) ever — he was from the country outside of Lynchburg, Virginia. It was nice to be reminded of him on Father’s Day. My grandparents helped take care of me when I was a baby; Mom had hurt her back really badly and my father had to work. Grandpa saw me take my first steps.


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