2nd roll from the pink slim dress

This was a 24-exposure roll, so it didn’t take as long to shoot. It’s Fuji Superia 400, which I think of as “drug store film”, because that’s usually where I buy it.

This is near the ‘rents old house.

This is either LA-690 (according to my GPS) or LA-1260 (according to road signs). It branches off LA-330, goes past that tiny private cemetery with all the cows, and dead ends at the Vermilion River. The whole thing is only a few miles long.

If you were standing in this spot, you’d see Bancker Cemetery, where my grandfather is buried, to your left. Bancker was an unincorporated area where 4 different sugar cane plantations converged. The cemetery is on Live Oak Road, and which leads to the only remaining plantation.

I like the way so many different points seem to radiate out from the center in this photo. Normally you don’t want anything smack in the center of your composition, but I think it works here.

If you go down Live Oak Road all the way it dead ends onto the last remaining sugar cane plantation, which is private property. Just before you get there you pass this spot, where peope like to fish.

I found yet another cemetery. There’s one right close to the house that I haven’t even been to yet.

Once I start work next week, I won’t have as much time for shooting. 😦 I’ll have to make the weekends count.


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