season 3 of ‘true blood’ tonight!

Eric Northman gently encourages you to tune to HBO at 9:00 pm (8:00 pm Central)

(Contains spoilers for season two, so don’t come crying to me about how I ruin everything if you haven’t seen it yet.)

This will be the first season of True Blood I will be able to watch as it airs, not having previously had HBO (at least not since I was a kid). I just finished watching the second season a few days ago, and was pleased that it was just as awesome as the freshman season.

I briefly considered reading the third book this weekend, but decided against it. I read the first two, and it was enough to make me see that while Charlaine Harris has some original ideas (not easy to do in a genre that’s been pretty well — PUN ALERT — bled dry), she expresses them kind of… childishly. She does that fanfic-y thing that drives me batty, where she’s constantly describing via the first person narrative what’s going on, instead of letting the dialogue and action illustrate it. Plus, I find the character of Bill Compton to be rather dull in the books. Book Bill never says things as hilarious as “I will not allow you to dress like a slattern!”

Also, I do not need the details of every outfit Sookie Stackhouse wears over the course of every book described to me in minute detail. Jesus.

Actually, now that I think about it, most of what I enjoy about the show — vampires as the new “others” attempting to integrate into society with varying degrees of success — is mostly Alan Ball’s spin on the show. I mean, it’s there in the books, but it’s just kind of there. It doesn’t drive the story as much.

Anyway, season 2 certainly gave us plenty to chew on.

  • Who snatched Bill being chief among them, of course. I’m guessing Lorena (and not Eric) is involved, but maybe it will be some crazy left-field thing.
  • Why does Sophie-Ann want to keep mental tabs on every redneck V addict in Louisiana? And why is Sookie’s cousin shacking up with her, and why did Bill seem to know all about it?
  • What the hell is the deal with Sookie and her Magical Electric Blood? I know what the deal is in the books, but it’s a totally retardo explanation, so I’m sort of hoping the show has a different one in mind.
  • Will there be any fallout from Jason shooting Eggs and Andy covering it up? How will Tara take it (I’m guessing: badly)? Will Lafayette continue to be plagued with PTSD, yet still manage to be fabulous?
  • And finally: Will Sam Merlotte finally find someone who isn’t in love with vampires or stringing him along to set him up for ritual sacrifice? Because he has such sad eyes. Oh and also will he find his birth parents, yadda yadda whatever.

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