interesting things i’ve seen while watering mom’s plants

I have been tasked with taking care of the yard while Mom’s in Kentucky.

The flash kind of washed them out (there wasn’t enough light on the shaded porch to forgo it), but the toadstools I found growing in this plant pot are a super bright green. Like, almost fluorescent. What’s freaky is they weren’t there when I watered day before yesterday, so they must grow REALLY fast.

Mom has all kinds of gorgeous shit growing in her yard, this isn’t even unusual. I just like the colors.

OH DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT. Please tell me that’s the work of snakes*, and not GIANT FUCKING INSECTS. The hole in the center is as big around as a silver dollar.

*I know we have them, I saw one in the storage shed yesterday. The Google identified it as a brown snake, which are harmless. I didn’t know that at the time though, so I held my distance and didn’t take a photo. I actually like snakes and don’t get overly nervous around them, but it’s best to be cautious when you don’t know for sure.

ETA: A LJ friend who lives north of me in Pineville, LA suggested that the freaky mound of unknown nature is a crawfish hole, and a GIS seems to confirm this. That means there are crawfish living in our backyard. PUT ON THE KETTLE AND GET OUT THE ZATARAIN’S.

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