cheddar garlic biscuits

This is allegedly Red Lobster’s sooper-sekrit recipe. I’ve never actually had their cheddar garlic biscuits though, so I can’t personally vouch for the similarity. I’ve only ever eaten there once in my life, and that was like 25 years ago. It’s just not a chain I frequent. But if this is what their biscuits taste like, I can see why people act like they’re stuffed with opium. Click here for the recipe.

Apparently the secret is extra shortening. Bisquick has shortening in the mixture, and it makes servicable biscuits, but for really delish ones you gotta cut in a little more.

The recipe calls for a cup of grated cheddar, but I used 4 oz. I mean, “cheddar” is right there in the title — it’s the first word! — so why wimp out? MOAR CHEDDAR.

Oh and also: There’s supposed to be dried parsley in the topping, but I didn’t have any.


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