chocolate cherry compound butter

Phil is a diabetic and it’s kind of douchey to cook things he can’t/shouldn’t eat. So while the ‘rents are in Kentucky, I’m going to make a few things I would feel bad about having when he’s around.

Oh and also, big greasy chain pizza, because my mother is a snob who will only eat the local seafood-topped pizza of the town’s independent pizza artist. Don’t get me wrong, I like that too, and even admit it’s the superior product. But there is room in my heart for a greasy slice of pepperoni from a national chain, too.

I wanted to try a sweet compound butter, and this is the result. It’s good on croissants; it would also be good on pound cake, shortbread, vanilla cupcakes… basically any baked good that doesn’t have a strong flavor of it’s own. I actually wanted to try it on brioche, but Robie’s didn’t have any. Shouldn’t grocery stores in Acadiana carry brioche? Lamesauce. Click here for the recipe.

Tonight: cheddar garlic biscuits. Things made with white flour is not exactly on the list of diabetic-friendly foods.


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