my usual attitude towards babies can be summed up as “meh”

But I have to admit, this made me tear up a little: Formerly deaf baby reacts upon hearing his mother’s voice for the first time.


I know there is some oppostion to cochlear implants in the Deaf community and I really, really do not understand it. I get deaf people having a deaf identity, since they have their own language and schools and form of etiquette and manners. But deafness is not like being black or gay, and cochlear implants is not a “cultural genocide” akin to forcing Jewish people to convert to Lutheranism!! I feel like Will Ferrell in Zoolander whenever this argument comes up: I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!

Deaf people have a right to an identity, and deaf adults should absolutely never be forced against their will to have a cochlear implant. But they* need to stop harassing doctors who perform the surgery and people who choose to get them, or to get them for their children. Besides, not everyone is a candidate for the implant, so as it stands now, deaf culture is in no danger of disappearing.

This is an 8-month-old baby, free of any bias or propaganda, and his reaction is raw, pure amazed joy. In between all the atom bombs and heroin and shit, occasionally science gets one right.

*Not all deaf people, obviously. Just a metaphorically vocal minority.


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