amazing tales of found film

I found this awesome site the other day when I was researching vintage cameras. The owner often finds exposed film in the old cameras he buys (as I did in my Brownie Hawkeye), and he gets them developed and makes up (usually hilarious) stories to go with them. My favorite is probably the story he made up for the 3 shots he found in an Imperial Savoy, the camera I bought last week:

These idyllic photos of apple trees hide the passion and sin that was so common among apple growers in the early 1960’s. The next time you eat an apple, give pause to those that have stuggled under the weight of baskets of fruit. And those that tasted the forbidden fruit.

I won this camera in an eBay auction yesterday, but I’m not going to make excuses for it, because guess how much it set me back? $6.50. That’s less than I pay for like, a can of coffee. Apparently Imperial made about 17 bazillion of these cameras, and most of them are still kicking around, because the concept of “planned obsolescence” hadn’t been invented yet. They actually built shit to last back then.

LOL @ the eBay seller describing one of these as a “rare 1930s camera” and asking for $99. The only part of that statement that is accurate is the word “camera”. Research before you buy, people!

Oh and ALSO: I just discovered that people sell vintage cameras through Etsy. HALP. I thought that site was just people selling crap they knitted and whatnot. A lot of them aren’t in working order though, and being sold as “display pieces” only, so you have to read the item descriptions carefully.

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