true blood season 2 out on DVD today! i live for trashy vampire pr0n.

I pre-ordered mine yesterday, because you usually get a cheaper price than buying day of release. I don’t buy a lot of DVDs anymore, because Netflix makes it a waste of money. Most of what I buy is television shows because you get hours of entertainment, and I do tend to watch them more than once. Hell, I’ve watched the first season like, 5 times.

I managed not to get spoiled for the 2nd season*, unlike the person who left a hysterically WAAAAAAAAAAAH YOU RUINED EVERYTHING comment re: the season finale of Lost yesterday on my LJ. You know how I managed to do it? Instead of expecting THE ENTIRE INTERNET to self-censor on my behalf, instead I stayed out of True Blood-related sites. And read the entry titles of personal blogs, and if they indicated something about the show was contained in the entry, I didn’t read it. I know, it’s like I’m some evil internet genius or something.

If I can get the entire season watched before June 13, I guess I can watch the 3rd season as it airs. Mom subscribed to HBO just so she can watch Treme.

*Except I did find out if Lafayette had died or not, because there was no way I was waiting an entire year to find out. But that is literally the only thing I know about the 2nd season — although I did sort of osmosically sense that Eric kind of steals the show from Bill. No details!


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