lights out!

My very first 120-re-wrapped-onto-a-620-spool roll! I used painter’s tape to seal it because that removes easily. It’s sitting on top of the changing bag I bought from Adorama. It’s light-proof nylon and actually a bag-within-a-bag. You load through the top, which also has an interior zipper, and stick your arms into the sides. They’re tight elastic and if you pull them up high enough they’ll clamp down hard enough to shut out the light. The only thing is that it’s kind of uncomfortable (and hot), but if it works, that’s okay with me.

It only took me about 5 minutes to re-spool. I followed these instructions, after first practicing (with the lights on) with a cheap roll I sacrified for the purpose. The only thing that’s kind of weird is I never felt the bulge where the film is taped onto the paper backing, even though it was there with my practice roll. I’ve never used Ektar before, maybe they don’t tape it? Or maybe it was the way I wrapped it — I did keep pulling on the end pretty hard, because I wanted it to be tight. Maybe I just yanked out all the slack.

But I decided I’m not going to fret over it. If I fucked up, then I fucked up, and time and development will tell. There’s a bunch of other crap I could have fucked up, too — maybe the elastic wasn’t tight enough and there was a light leak, maybe I got fingerprints or fingernail scratches on the film, maybe I put the damn thing on backwards.

But practice makes perfect, and I’m probably going to shoot this around Magdalene Square (in the Kodak Duaflex), and that’s not going anywhere. If the roll looks like bollocks, I’ll just try again. A friend of the ‘rents is coming over to visit tomorrow, I’ll figure I’ll go out shooting then and give them some Adult Time. I’m also going to take my Holga, which I have been neglecting*, and shoot this weird little cemetery I discovered by accident… when I was looking for a bigger cemetery.

*It needed some work. The foam inserts that provides tension to the film roll as you advance it both popped out and got eaten by the roll when I was using it last August. Probably the heat melted the adhesive that held it on. So I replaced them with two halves of a cardboard film box, which is the common workaround. (This happens with Holgas a lot.) And like a dummy, I didn’t remove the flash batteries, and there was a little corrosion on one of the terminals. A nail file took care of that, and now she’s good as new.


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